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roxana | 33 | romania | mother 

analytical | blue | children | chocolate | colors | details | drama | dreamer | easy-going | flying | french | games | hide and seek | hydrangea | impatient | light | macro | mental | meticulous | napping | perfectionist | photography | practical | purple | quiet | reliable | romantic | sarcastic | sceptical | shy | silence | sky | summer | sun | technician | travel | tulips | violet | witty

long PERSONAL story
I'm not a particularly verbose person. I think that's why I like taking pictures... They speak for themselves. 
Jeb Dickerson

Olympus FE-120
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
Olympus e500 / 14.5-45mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens

A photograph is more than just
A gift to bring or send.
And more than just the likeness of
A relative or friend.
It is a kindly greeting and
A memory to hold.
Of happy times and pleasant things.
However new or old.
It is a mirror that reflects
Companionship and cheer.
And now and then the wistfulness
That turns into a tear.
A photograph is something to
Adorn a desk or wall.
Or carry in a pocket and
Display to one and all.
It is a faithful portrait
The smile that friendship shares
To add its sunshine and to show
That someone really cares.

Author: Unknown

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