Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The First "Mărţişor"

I am very proud to present to you today a very old custom, named Martisor, an authentic Balkanian tradition which can very well compete with other traditional celebrations, from Halloween to Rio Carnival.

Martisor is the name for the red and white string, from which usually a small decoration is tied, and which is offered by men to women on the 1st day of March. 

Giving this Talisman to other people is an old custom, and it is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be powerful and healthy for the year to come. It is also a symbol of the coming Spring.
Usually, women wear it pinned to their blouses for the first 12 days of this month, until other certain spring celebrations, or until the bloom of certain fruit-trees [see more here].
This year, my daughter received from her father her first Martisor. It's a happy coincidence, she's turning 17 mo today. But, giving the fact that she's very young and she doesn't understand the symbolism yet, she will not wear the whole decoration, but only the string, attached to one of her hands.

Also, today, Google [dot] ro knows more :)  

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