Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Old Times Winter [scenes]

If you go to Sirnea, you'll never want to leave anymore! Well, at least, it was my case. Two weeks ago, I made my way to Sirnea just to see where the road went; and the road brought me to a wonderful village, with wood rural houses here and there, all wrapped in that winter's silence just before the last snowfall...

There are no words to describe things better! It was exactly like in Jacqueline Elisabeth van der Waals's poem:

White is the ground, white is the mist,
The clouds, still full of snow,
Are white, turning gently to gray [...]

White is the ground, white is the mist,
What enchanted quiet land is this?
Under what heaven do I walk?
I fold my hands and give thanks
To this greatest of silent wonders.

If my images don't convince you, then take a trip to Sirnea or...take my word for it :)
As far as I'm concerned, this place definately worths a visit every season!


  1. like a dream, these pictures look really old,
    I love them! and I love Sirnea too!

  2. Thank you, Elena! I hope someday you'll come to Romania to visit it ;)


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